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Years you played at CC – 2014-2019
Where are you now? – Los Angeles
Favorite memory from playing at CC – Going to fuck-nowhere Indiana (Illinois? I don’t remember I think this is early 2017), having half the team be able to go. Freshman roll up and absolutely stomp on top Air Force talent who now play for top tier club teams. Win tournament, drink local milk, fly to Puerto Rico, throw Oren Fox into a gross pond. It was THE definition of Wasabi Ultimate, the weather was shit, conditions were grueling, but we relished in the opportunity and had the best time doing so as a family.
Submit a photo of yourself either from when you played, now or both –
Do you remember anything that can be included in the “history” section for the teams? – Puerto Rico trip of 2017, Lil’ Bo Peep makes 9 cups in a row in pong. 2015 we changed our pregame chant to be much less misogynistic.