We are Zenith Ultimate, Colorado College’s Gender Inclusive Ultimate Frisbee team. We strive for competitive excellence on the field and are committed to creating an inclusive community that values growth, accountability, social justice, and zest (a combination of playfulness, fun, competitiveness, drive, and grit). This year, after much thought and consideration regarding our team goals and values, Zenith has made the decision to play USA Ultimate’s Division 3. We made this decision in hopes of better reflecting our team’s energy, while still maintaining a high level of competitive play. We’re excited to compete against teams that align with us in terms of school size and team intentions. With this in mind, we’ve competed in tournaments this year in Columbia, Missouri, and Austin, Texas. In addition, our post-season will consist of the playoff series, which includes Regionals in Houston and potentially Nationals in Obetz, Ohio, depending on our performance. While we are fortunate to receive limited resources from CC, there are expenses that we must cover as a team as well. This year, CC Club Cports was only able to help us with our two regular-season tournaments in Columbia and Austin, , excluding our post-season tournaments leading up to Nationals. Our goal for this CC Crowdfunding campaign is to raise $7,000. These funds will go toward flights, ground transportation, accommodations, uniforms, and most importantly, to ensure that any Zenith player can travel with the team regardless of their financial situation. This is especially important to us as inclusion/accessibility is one of our team’s values. With this in mind, we hope that our friends, family, and alumni will help Zenith reach our goal and allow us to carry on our love of Ultimate!

Who we are: 

We are a group of spirited, passionate, hardworking players who are devoted to playing the great sport of Ultimate. From our founding in 1992, our team has been dedicated to the spirit of the game, team cohesion, working and playing hard, while having lots of fun in the process. Ultimate Frisbee is a unique sport in that it is relatively new, making room for change, growth, and conversation. We hope to bring this intentionality to the spaces we enter on and off the field.