Wasabi 2022/2023

Benny Carp
Major:Organismal Biology and Ecology
Home Town:Denver Colorado

Player Bio

Pronouns: He/him/his
Favorite Song: Flip Fantasia by US3
Favorite type of throw and why: full field hammer, in honor of silas
How many first graders do you think you could fight at once? (unarmed): Simultaneously? 2 dozen easy
Favorite thing about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee: Making parents cringe when they hear chants at tournaments. Gets me every time
Greatest Regret: the morning after going to waffle house at 1am. criminal to my insides
Why do you wish to attend Colorado College and how would the Block Plan serve your educational goals? (no more than 200 words): See my application to this school from 4 years ago to answer that question
Who on the team do you think would be the best pirate and why: Sam Davis. Feel like those eyes could get someone to do anything
What’s your biggest weakness: not knowing what my weaknesses are
top five fruits: 1. Papaya 2. strawberry 3. pineapple 4. blackberries 5. blueberries