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Years you played at CC – 4
Where are you now? – Washington, DC
Favorite memory from playing at CC – Too many amazing memories to pick just one 💜 One of the tip-top was bookend D1 College Nationals—my freshman year when it was both programs’ first trip to Natties and my senior year to cap off an incredible college ultimate experience!!
Submit a photo of yourself either from when you played, now or both –,,,,
Do you remember anything that can be included in the “history” section for the teams? – Justine Crowley would be a good resource! I believe she helped start and name the team Lysistrata’s Tools in 1992 (or was it ‘96?). Sophia Herscu would also be a good resource. At some point the team name was changed to Hydra (I believe), but then Sophia helped bring back the OG name upon her arrival in 2008-ish. Both Strata (at the time) and Wasabi made it to D1 Nationals (or any Nationals) for the first time in the programs’ history in spring 2011 (my freshman year). Strata made it again in spring 2014 (my senior year).

Thanks for putting this together, Jimmy!! I had a bit too much fun with the photos 😅