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Years you played at CC – 2012-2015
Where are you now? – Oakland, CA
Favorite memory from playing at CC – I have so many amazing on-field memories of big wins/highlights, but it’s the off-field moments that really stick with you. The long drives, the team dinners, the late nights and early mornings, those are the moments that solidified friendships and it’s the people I met on Wasabi that made the on-field work worth the effort.
Submit a photo of yourself either from when you played, now or both –,
Do you remember anything that can be included in the “history” section for the teams? – – Harlem Shake in 2013
– game-to-go 2014
– beating Minnesota and Harvard back to back 2015 (those teams would play in the finals the following year)

James Shepard and I also probably know the origins of any cheers that started around this time.

Also, huge s/o to Jimmy! Great teammate and I’m sure a fantastic coach for Wasabi.