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Years you played at CC – 2008-2011
Where are you now? – Atlanta, GA
Favorite memory from playing at CC – Centex spring block break senior year – both men’s and women’s teams went to Austin for a couple of days of SXSW, won Centex, then some of us road tripped to New Orleans, crashed with the Sinnots rents en route in Houston, then had a whirlwind of a time in the big easy. Jeff woke up in a truck bed, the rest of us crashed in the dungeon of a random dorm of a guy Lauren Sinnot went to Kindergarten went, I lost my wallet, and it was a hell of a time. Then we went back and cheered on the women’s team on and crashed at the nicest house I’ve ever stayed at on Lake Austin, next door to Dennis Quaid or something. All in all an epic adventure.
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Do you remember anything that can be included in the “history” section for the teams? – Both teams made D1 natties in 2011 for the first time which was awesome.

We won Centex in 2011 as well. Probably the Chili fest tournaments as well. We drove all over – Trouble in Vegas, New Years Fest (Tempe), Kansas Fools Fest?,