Wasabi 2022/2023

Oliver van Linder
van Linder
Major:OBE or Physics but I’m not sure
Home Town:Berkeley CA

Player Bio

Pronouns: He/him
Favorite Song: Our Song by Taylor Swift
Favorite type of throw and why: IO flick because it’s just so fun
How many first graders do you think you could fight at once? (unarmed): At least 2
Favorite thing about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee: Tanner Flagg
Least Favorite Freshman on the team, and why: Cole Wennrich. He is just too god damn beautiful
Why do you wish to attend Colorado College and how would the Block Plan serve your educational goals? (no more than 200 words): Because Wasabi is elite and more free time means more time with the boys
Who on the team do you think would be the best pirate and why: Lincoln. We already call him captain so he is only one step away from being Jack Sparrow
What’s your biggest weakness: Mayonnaise
top five fruits: Pomegranate, grapes, apple, raspberry, cheese