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Years you played at CC – 2019-2022
Where are you now? – Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary in southern Colorado!
Favorite memory from playing at CC – There are so many but qualifying and competing at Nationals with Wasabi twice in the same year has to take the cake. Also, breaking WashU Contra 5 straight point to come back and win on universe was something special!
Submit a photo of yourself either from when you played, now or both –,,
Do you remember anything that can be included in the “history” section for the teams? – Wasabi was initially D1 and attended D1 nationals at least once with Nicky Spiva (2009-2012 alum who has since gone on to play at worlds and the world games). I have heard that wasabi gets its name from the Japanese Kanji for wasabi which translates to “Mountain Root” and CC sits at the roots of Pikes Peak but… I would double check that with someone who knows more Japanese than I do.