Wasabi 2022/2023

Sam Davis
Major:English Creative Writing
Home Town:Charlotte, NC

Player Bio

Pronouns: He him
Favorite Song: La Biosphére
Favorite type of throw and why: The Tentacle Toss
How many first graders do you think you could fight at once? (unarmed): I’m not very good at Fortnite so not that many probably. I have the John Wick skin though which is pretty cool I guess.
Favorite thing about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee: I like that I get to run fast and that the disc floats
Greatest Regret: When I was a wee child I threw my brothers hermit crab collection in the ocean. He had painted designs on them and named him after his favorite wrestlers.
Least Favorite Freshman on the team, and why: Lincoln cause he smells like lentils and acts like a senior
Who on the team do you think would be the best pirate and why: Me. Orlando Bloom is my cousin.
What’s your biggest weakness: Too Shmexy
top five fruits: DATES. I want to have a food truck when I’m older where I sell date sandwiches and dates on a stick. I swallowed a pit once and now I only have appetite for Dates.