Wasabi 2022/2023

Major:Undeclared: International Political Economy
Home Town:Minneapolis MN

Player Bio

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Favorite Song: Dior
Favorite type of throw and why: IO flick cause it’s cool
How many first graders do you think you could fight at once? (unarmed): At least 12
Favorite thing about the sport of Ultimate Frisbee: Mid tournament toe pics
Greatest Regret: I refuse to live with regrets.
Least Favorite Freshman on the team, and why: Graham and I have mad beef 🥩 😈
Why do you wish to attend Colorado College and how would the Block Plan serve your educational goals? (no more than 200 words): Why do you wish you attend Colorado College Howard!!! Blockplan scepter your education goals well let me let me start out like this. Hey Evan, how’s it going I would say that. The reason that Colorado College plan on Blockplan is is is is is good is because it lets me learn more and say it’s pretty sweet mate otherwise good stuf we all intelectuals
Who on the team do you think would be the best pirate and why: While Cole looks like a good pirate, I’m clearly much better suited for the position because every time we fight he runs away — a clear coward. I also am an expert sailor. 🏴‍☠️
What’s your biggest weakness: My vertical, but it turns into my strength when guarding graham Mcqueeny.
top five fruits: Chocolate milk, pizza, chicken tenders, and ice cream 🤤😋