Wasabi Coaching Staff Earns 1st Runner-up in Coach of the Year.

Rarely do you see a team win a national championship without having strong coaching leading the way. Colorado College was led by the team of Jimmy Donnellon, Ben Jelinek, and Spencer Hawkins on their path to glory. While the Wasabi coaches did a number of things well this year, perhaps their most impressive accomplishment was finding the best roles for all of the talent on their roster. It takes guts to hand the keys of your offense to a freshman, even one as talented as Oliver van Linder. It takes trust to get the buy-in from an all-around star like Lincoln Grench to ask him to focus almost solely on offense. Choosing to put the eventual Player of the Year on D-line, maximizing that group’s efficiency and creating the best D-line in the division, was a masterstroke. Colorado College were incredibly talented, but the coaching staff put the chess pieces in all of the right places to secure a championship. (Text from Ultiworld article)